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Product of the year
eTSN took third place in the Communication & Networking category of the Computer & Automation Product of the Year award.
OPC UA PubSub with TSN

OPC UA PubSub with TSN is a powerful combination for automation engineers as it provides a standardized, secure, and deterministic means of communication in the industrial automation landscape. It offers the ability to build highly reliable, interconnected systems that can meet the stringent requirements of modern industrial processes.

OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture)

OPC UA is a standardized communication framework and platform-independent, service-oriented architecture for industrial automation. It allows machines, devices, and systems in the industrial environment to communicate and share data with each other. OPC UA provides a rich set of features for secure and reliable data exchange, including data access, alarms, events, and historical data.

PubSub (Publish-Subscribe)

OPC UA PubSub is an extension of the OPC UA standard that introduces a publish-subscribe communication model. In the traditional client-server model, a client requests data from a server. In the publish-subscribe model, publishers (devices or applications) send data to a message broker, and subscribers (other devices or applications) receive data from the broker. This decouples data producers from data consumers and enables more scalable and flexible communication patterns.

TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking):

TSN is a set of standards within the IEEE 802.1 working group that provides deterministic and time-critical capabilities to Ethernet networks. TSN aims to ensure that data is transmitted reliably and with predictable timing in industrial and real-time communication applications. It includes mechanisms for time synchronization, traffic shaping, and low-latency communication.



TSN ensures that data is transmitted with guaranteed and predictable timing, which is essential in industrial automation where real-time control and synchronization are critical.



The publish-subscribe model allows for more scalable and flexible communication systems. Automation engineers can design systems that easily accommodate new devices or applications without extensive reconfiguration.



OPC UA is designed for interoperability between devices and systems from different vendors. When combined with TSN, it ensures that data from various sources is synchronized and delivered with precision.


Real-Time Control

The TSN-enabled network ensures that control commands and critical data reach their destinations without delays, making it suitable for applications where timing is crucial.



OPC UA includes robust security features, and when combined with TSN, it ensures that real-time data is transmitted securely, protecting critical industrial processes from cyber threats.


Cost saving

Reduced hardware requirements, simplified network infrastructure, and flexibility optimize costs in terms of development, implementation, and long-term maintenance for both vendors and users.


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